Meet our Officers

President - Jaxon Haws

Major: Computer Science
Class: 2023
Website: (please don't laugh, its on GitHub Pages and I'm still working on it)
Likes: Computer security, rock climbing, motorcycles, vim
Dislikes: hmm... Windows?
Favorite Distro: Arch Linux, featuring the best wiki

Treasurer - Srirag Vuppala

Major: Computer Science
Class: 2023
Likes: Running, programming, tech, vim
Dislikes: Dark chocolate
Favorite Distro: TempleOS, the one true OS

Secretary - Astrid Yu

Astrid Yu

Major: Computer Science
Class: 2022
Likes: Programming, bicycling, video games
Dislikes: Spiders
Favorite Distro: NixOS, the functional Linux distro

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