Week 4 Events

Events Oct 4, 2020

Facebook is holding Production Engineering events this week!
Many CPLUG alumni are currently working as Production Engineers at Facebook! Please consider attending these events to learn more!

We will also be holding our first tech talk of the quarter this Saturday!
Keep reading to find out more!

Tech Talks

Our first talk will be held this week from 5-6 PM on Saturday, October 10! If you can't make it, don't worry; our talk will be recorded!
Please join our Slack workspace to be notified before we go live! This week's talk will be on getting started with Linux and virtual machines (VMs).

The Zoom link we will use is: https://ext.cplug.org/cplug-event-zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 915 1582 1835
Passcode: (subscribe to our email list or join the Slack workspace for the password)

Free Your Machine

Save the date! Our next Free Your Machine is scheduled for next Saturday, October 17th, from 2:00 P.M. to about 4:00 P.M., Pacific Time! We will send out another reminder email next week!

Facebook Production Engineering Events

Ever wonder how Facebook operates at such a large scale and still manages to keep everything up and running?

Dial into our Production Engineering Series to find out for yourself! Production Engineers (PEs) at Facebook are a hybrid between software and systems engineers who are focused on the scalability and reliability of Facebook’s family of apps and services. Our PE Splash Page dives into more detail and includes the specific dates & times of our upcoming events.

Event #1: What is PE? (45 Min)

  • If you’ve never heard about Production Engineering, this is a great session to dial into to get started! To kick off our series, this session will begin with an overview about PE, how PEs became a role at Facebook and what a PE typically focuses on in their day to day responsibilities.

Event #2: Production Engineering (PE) vs. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) vs. Software Engineering (SWE) (45 Min)

  • PE is a role that is very specific to Facebook so we see how it can be confusing to fully understand. This session will go over the differences and similarities between these seemingly similar roles and what skills you will need to be a successful PE. Hopefully by attending this session you will have a better understanding on whether PE can be a career path for you!

Event #3: PE Interns & University Grad Panel (60 Min)

  • Curious about how our interns thrived through their internship this past summer in the midst of COVID? In this session, our panel of interns will be sharing their experience firsthand! One of our panelists will also share about their transition from being an intern to becoming a full time PE. We will poll questions in our Facebook Event page so be sure to submit your questions there ahead of time!

Event #4: 1:1 Office Hours with a Production Engineer (15 min)

  • The week following the series, we will be hosting Office Hours for intern eligible students to connect with our Production Engineers 1:1 to answer any other questions you may have. Be sure to upload your resume on Piazza for the engineer to review during the session. To be eligible for an internship, you will need to be a full time student with the intent of returning to school for at least another semester or quarter.
  • Sign-ups for the slots will be shared after each event in our follow up email so be sure to check in during the event!