Week 2 Events

Events Sep 23, 2020

Hello everyone! Hopefully your quarter is going well so far! Here are some of our upcoming events! There is also one small "housekeeping" task we are asking club members to complete, so please read this entire update. Thank you!

Club Roster

We are asking club members to complete this form to let ASI know that we are an active club. The form should take no longer than 1 minute to complete.
Please click here to access the form.

Tech Talks

Please help us schedule talks to suit your schedule! Use this link to select which time(s) work best for you (yes, talks can happen during FYM)!
We will be hosting a series of technical talks this quarter, with a focus on getting started with Linux (or your UNIX-like operating system of choice). Our first talk will be on getting a Virtual Machine set up and some helpful utilities.

Free Your Machine

Our next Free Your Machine is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd, from 2:00 P.M. to about 4:00 P.M., Pacific Time! Our next FYM will be held on October 17
Feel free to stop by (not obligated to stay for the entire time)!

Here is the access information: https://ext.cplug.org/cplug-event-zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 915 1582 1835
Passcode: (subscribe to our email list or join the Slack workspace for the password)