Our IRC channel has always been very active.

We are #cplug on and you can find more info on our About page.

Using the web client

Go to, enter a nickname and click Connect.

Using a desktop Application

To join us in the channel, you’ll need an IRC client. We install XChat during FYM, and if you have never used IRC before, XChat is a good start. If you aren’t sure how to install XChat, you’ll need to use Google to find instructions for your distribution. Most modern distributions come with some sort of Package Manager that will help you install software. Try starting on the forums or wiki for your Distribution.

Most of these instructions assume you are running Linux, and some instructions are specific to Debian based distributions, like Ubuntu.  If you are on Windows or MacOS, you can also run and install XChat and join in on the fun.  You can get it from

Running this command in a terminal will work for Ubuntu, and most likely Debian and other Debian based systems as well.

sudo apt-get install xchat

Once you have installed XChat, you should run it. Depending on your distribution, this will be slightly different. However, one method that is very likely to work no matter what you have is to press Alt-F2, then type “xchat” (case sensitive) or “xchat2″ into the window that appears.

You should see a window asking you for a Nick Name and alternate choices. Choose a name for yourself (and a couple alternates, in case your favorite name is taken), then find “Freenode” in the list of Networks below. Select Freenode, then press connect.

Xchat Connected Dialog

After connecting, XChat should ask you for a channel name. Enter #cplug in the box that is available (the # is very important) and press OK. You will now be in the channel and can talk with the other members.

Xchat in #cplug channel

The names who have Green dots next to their names are officers in the club, and the yellow dots are by club convention (Ro)Bots that do various things for us. Everybody else is either a member, alumnus, or in one case a person who wants to learn better Technical English.

Remember to introduce yourself, and join in on the fun.