Free Your Machine

This quarter’s (Winter 2016) FYM is Saturday, January 16, at 10am in 20-124 (Engineering East Networks Lab)

Please help us prepare by completing the registration form in advance if possible.

Free Your Machine happens from 10am to 2pm on a Saturday once a quarter. If you are bringing a machine to have Linux installed, please defragment your hard drives before you come. This often takes a long time and can prevent us from installing.

We install Ubuntu 15.10 or Linux Mint 17 by default, but if you would like another distribution installed, bring a disc and we’ll help you if we can. Please note that most of our members are more familiar with Debian/Ubuntu, so you’ll have the most support with one of those variants.

Your computer must be able to boot from a CD-ROM or a USB drive, or from the network (PXE boot).  If you cannot boot from either, or if your computer cannot run Windows, or if you have really really weird hardware, please note this on the registration form so that we can be prepared for you.