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We weill be giving a talk on LAMP, come and learn on why developing for the internet is awesome and how it’s so easy.

Where: 14-301

When: Wednesday 2/25/09 7pm

Expect/Tcl Talk

Learn how to automate things and use these cool languages.

WHERE: 14-301

WHEN: February 19th, 2009 7pm

Round Robin Talks

Hey guys,

This Thursday we will be having our members talk about the things they love for five to ten minutes. Come and learn lots of random but cool stuff from your fellow students, or come and talk!

Where: 14-301 (Upstairs Labs)
When: Thursday 2/5/09 7pm

Cya then!

p.s. email execboard@cplug.org if you want to talk ;)

The Next Two Days

Hey guys we have two events in the next few days:

First, tonight, Thursday, Power of Unix. POU is an introduction to some interesting commands that people tend to not know about, or how to use.

Where: 14-301
When: Thursday 1/22/09 7pm
Who: CPLUG Execboard

Saturday we will be having our quarterly Free Your Machine. We will install linux on any machine, although if you have very strange hardware, or your machine can’t run Windows, please contact us beforehand so that we can be prepared.  Please remember that if you wish to dual boot, you need to defragment windows before you come.  See http://cplug.org/fym for more information.

Where: 20-124
When: Saturday 10am to 2pm
Who: Anyone!

Winter Intro to Unix

Since ACM has decided to hold their first meeting of the year at the
same time as our Introduction to UNIX talk, and the presenter for that
talk has requested a later date due to other obligations, we’re
postponing Intro to UNIX until Jan 20th. Sorry for that late notice.

New Date: Jan 20th
When: 7:00pm
Where: 14-301
Who: The Legendary Mark Gius

Intro to unix is for anyone who would like to learn the basics of the unix/linux command line. This event, like all of our events, is free of charge.