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FYM Fall 2014

What: Free Your Machine
When: Saturday, October 18, 10am-2pm
Where: 20-124 (Networks Lab)
Facebook event

Come have CPLUG help install Linux on your computer! We can also troubleshoot any Linux-related problems you have, or you can just show up to hang out.

We will dual boot your machine with Linux Mint (an excellent Linux distribution) so you won’t lose your current OS. We’ll have Linux Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04 flash drives on hand, and we can help you install another distribution if you bring your own installation media.

Guide to the Distros

When: Thursday, October 9, 6:00PM
Where: 14-246
Facebook event

Confused about the myriad and ever increasing variety of GNU/Linux distributions? The CPLUG officers will each talk about our favorite distro, why we use it, and why you should use it, in an attempt to shed some light on your options.

Officer Elections 2014-2015

CPLUG officer applications for next year are now open!

See more information and submit an application on this form!

FYM Spring 2014

Free Your Machine Spring 2014

Come to 20-124 (The networks lab in Engineering East) between 10am — 2pm this Saturday, May 3, to release your computer from the bonds of proprietary software, and come into the light that is FOSS!
Anyone is welcome to come, from the guy who vaguely understands what linux is, to the programmer who is tired of Debian and wants to try Gentoo instead.

Stop by this Saturday and see what your computer is really capable of! We currently install Linux Mint 16 and Ubuntu 14.04. We can also assist with the installation of more advanced distros by request.

Link to the Facebook Event

PGP/GPG Tutorial and Keysigning Party

When: Thursday, 2013-11-14, 5:00PM
Where: 14-232B
Facebook event

In place of a general meeting this week, come learn how to use PGP encryption to communicate securely.

We’ll explain some of the ideas behind PGP, then demonstrate using GnuPG and Enigmail to create a public/private key pair and exchange encrypted email. Finally, we can all sign each other’s keys to expand the so-called “web of trust”.

To participate, please bring:
1. A photo ID. Your Cal Poly ID or driver’s license will do.
2. A computer with Thunderbird installed and configured for your email account: